Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Your Legal Document Preparer

Legal Document Preparation
A Legal Document Preparer (LDP) may provide factual information on the preparation of your legal documents.  An LDP is not an attorney, and legal advice is not rendered.  If you need legal advice, please contact an attorney.  LDP’s may only provide services to clients who are self-represented (those without an attorney).  An LDP cannot choose which form to fill out for the client; the client must direct the LDP as to their needs. provides legal document preparation as well as service of process.  A notary public is also on staff, as well.  

Are Legal Document Preparer fees recoverable?  Arizona Revised Statutes, §12-341.02 states:  “The court may award to the prevailing party the cost of document preparation if prepared by a legal document preparer who is certified by the supreme court.  The party seeking recovery will file a sworn affidavit of costs with the court.”  When your documents are prepared, if applicable, we will enter our fees for service, any other post-judgment fees incurred, including process server fees (whether you use RapidRPS or another process server), and other costs and fees you notify us which may be recoverable on the cost statement.  We make no legal determinations, therefore if you believe a cost or fee incurred in the prosecution or defense of your case is recoverable, it is entered at your direction.
Getting started using as your Legal Document Preparer.  For all matters, we must have your name, address, telephone number and email address.  For post-judgment enforcement matters, we must have a copy of your judgment, fees and other costs incurred, as well.  You can email your documents to, or if you prefer, fax your documents and contact information to (623) 321-5964.  Once our office receives the documents and your contact information, a Retainer Agreement (see below) is produced.  We may need certain other documents and information from you, so your contact information is essential.

What is a Retainer Agreement and why do I need one?  The Retainer Agreement is our contract.  It specifies what each of us should expect the other to do, and like other professional services (i.e.: doctor, lawyer, etc.), the Retainer Agreement serves to outline our responsibility and limitations.  While we don’t need to have the original document on file, we do need a signed emailed or faxed copy.  

Do I need to make payment up front?  Payment for all services must be made in advance.  Legal Document Preparers are prohibited from working on contingency (percentage of recovery).  All fees must be disclosed to our clients.  Once we know your needs, a written invoice is rendered.  We accept checks if you send your documents to us by return U.S. Mail or Fedex.  We also take credit or debit card payments through our website.

What about the attorney-client privilege?  A Legal Document Preparer is not an attorney, and cannot render legal advice.  Anything disclosed to your LDP may be discoverable in a court or administrative hearing.  The attorney-client privilege does not apply to your Legal Document Preparer.

Can you prepare all legal documents?  Legal Document Preparers may prepare legal documents per their client needs and direction; however, are responsible for seeing that the job is done properly.  At, we strive to give our clients superior service, and do not take on assignments outside of that which we can promise to deliver.  For that reason, legal document preparation matters are limited to the following:

Judgment enforcement:  We may prepare Garnishments, Order(s) to Appear for Examination, Subpoenas, Real Property Liens, Transfer (Transcript) Judgments, Renewals, Satisfactions, and Foreign Judgment Domestication.  

Evictions, civil and small claims:  We may prepare eviction and certain other civil documents (i.e.: summons and complaints), and motions (i.e.: Alternate Means of Service).  Small claims documents are also prepared.  We may assist with the completion of protective order applications, and may provide information about and referral to the Arizona Address Confidentiality Program. 

Subpoenas:  Foreign Deposition Subpoenas are prepared, as well as subpoenas originally issued through our local courts.  

We will be happy to assist you in any way we can, whether your need is for a Legal Document Preparer, Certified Process Server, or both.  Call our office at (877) 472-7431 or (602) 254-7274.

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